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Come on into our Blog for a look at the wonderful world we've got to share! With over 240 hectares (600 acres) of wilderness woodlands surrounding the resort, just ten minutes from Algonquin Park, we feature over 400 metres (1200’) of waterfront and beach; boat rentals; summer hiking trails winding through fields and woods; 20 km. of groomed cross country ski trails and snowshoeing in winter; access to nearby snowmobile trails for sledders, and a toboggan hill for the young at heart.

Friday, September 4, 2015


 The wild choke cherry trees are now heavy with fruit.  These bitter berries make up into a fabulous jelly, for those who are of a domestic bent.

But they also provide a much welcome source of food for a lot of our neighbours.    Down at the lake, near Clover cottage, this tree is bowing down over the lake.

As cherries drop, the ducks come by to forage and do the cleaning up.  They have to wait for the fruit to fall -- or be shaken a bit.

 Not so for the juvenile robins, who were crowding the branches, snapping up a veritable feast.

We watched these beauties grow, from their nests in the stable, and in various trees and porches all around the resort (including one over the electrical panel at Springside cottage that meant we had to suspend some of our planned Spring renovations until the birds flew!)

The big pileated woodpeckers love these cherries as well.   This isn't my photo -- credit to my cousin Robin Tapley.  We are hearing them daily in the big tree near Wheelhouse cottage, and catching glimpses of them as they fly back and forth.  

The big vegetable garden is alive with birds now as well, some who are tackling the last small cobs of corn left on the stalks, more devouring the sunflowers we grow just for them. And some, a little less welcome, snacking on the raspberries that are still ripening!

It makes for wonderful bird watching opportunities!

What a Lovely Sight

 A thing of beauty. Mark brought his rowing scull with him this summer.

In the early mornings, on the flat calm water, he brightened the bay for sure.

It would only take about 25 strokes and he would be out beyond the boathouse, heading for the Island.

We have a soft spot for the rowing art. Our very English Uncle Fred Buck, once upon a time, coached the Eton Four Man boats,
If you'd like to take a look at how deceptively effortless this fragile vessel really is, check out the video here. 

Final Marathon Swim of the Season

John and Margaret were the only ones brave enough to
tackle the mile swim from the Island.

 The final Thursday of the summer -- we were on the dock for our weekly Marathon Swim, and what a great turnout of people.

The day could not have been better for this -- the water was like a mirror, the water was 24 degrees...

Where better to be than in the swim?

Sam and Leslie, with SUP and kayak, keeping watch on the swimmers.

Owen set a blistering pace to the Point and Back!

Katy and Christina were first back, but only beat Owen by a smidge!

Great smile from Brynne!

so many of our guests come out to accompany the swimmers!

Daughter Jamie and Mother Linda -- the family that swims together!

Linda, Brynne, Tom and Jamie celebrating on the dock

Augustine was the youngest swimmer, coming back from the Point, 500 m.

Mark lead the cheering squad for the Island swimmers!

That's Margaret, setting a great pace from the Island!

Uli -- have canoe, will paddle...

My favourite photo -- all lined up, pedal boat, swimmer, SUP, canoe and kayak. Perfect.

David has escorted every swim this summer. What a great guy!

John, almost back at the dock

Megan -- she hasn't missed a swim, either.  Thanks for a summer full
of keeping swimmers' safe!

Brian, in the middle of the bay. There is an old sunken log out there, that only he seems able to find!

And This was Happening

while at one end of the property people were hooting, cheering, laughing, jumping off the water
trampoline, over by the Pond, this was happening...

Mom brought her fawn out to nibble grass along the pond edge. It was quiet there.

The fawn was interested in the camera, but more interested in staying close to Mom.

By the creek, grass is growing green and lush.

And just around the corner, on the 'world's largest thistle' (that thing is about 8' high!) there
was a Monarch, sipping nectar.

We've seen more monarchs this summer than last, but the numbers are still
so low that it is an OCCASION to be celebrated when we spot one.

Thistledown. Really, that's what it's called.

Monarch wasn't the only one interested in the sweetness in the thistle. The bumblebee
was hard at work harvesting pollen.

you can see the enormous sacs of pollen on the hind legs.

Walking back, we got one more look at Mom, hiding in the woods.

JUMP for joy!

 Taffy found someone who would spend some time cuddling her... Thanks Julie...

The ducks called an impromptu meeting...

And this week (which seems to be 'teen week') the trampoline was where ALL the action was!

The water toys all got a good workout!

catching air!

Larissa eschewed the trampoline for something a little more relaxed!

All In!!!

Bittersweet but the S'mores were fabulous!

Last cookout of our summer -- and it was a lovely night for it indeed!

There is such a softness in the September evenings, and our guests were out in force to enjoy it.

Hot dogs were savoured. Almost the very last corn of the season was devoured -- the corn harvest is very close to DONE!

S'mores were roasted.  And we had an unexpected visit from Jay Jay and Becca, getting their toes wet.

There were serious challengers in the Seed Spitting!  John was our winner, at 38'! Wow!

Gerry wasn't far behind, at 24'11"

Gerry demonstrated excellent form -- both when acting as a target for his arch rival, and when getting into the act himself!

And Matt, returning to Bondi after a drought of 15 years, was keen to introduce his friend Ariane to the art.  As a youngster, Matt was a serious competitor!  It's great to have him back with us again!

Brian had to get the potato cannon out for a special demonstration for some of our new guests
who had never seen such a thing.