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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chicken Tree

What do you do if you are a free range hen and it is a drizzly sort of day? 

Why, you settle in to the Chicken Tree for the afternoon, nicely sheltered under the overhang of the roof, and with lots of good company to have a little Hen Party.


We have been waiting all year for this!

The first fresh corn, right from our own organic garden, picked just about the time the water starts to boil.  There is nothing like it! It is so sweet it melts in the mouth, and the stuff that you get in the stores is just a pallid imitation.

We LOVE farm fresh, and home grown!

Change of venue

 It is the first time this summer the weather has kept us off the beach for the Cook-out. So we move into our huge Rec Barn, and just party on!

We were able to get outside for the Seed Spitting competition though!  Nothing dampens that Fun!

Patience, Rewarded

Ted tells us he spent some time just sitting at the end of Springside's dock, just watching, and waiting for his Kodak moment.

And he nailed it.   Thanks very much for sharing the photo with us!

The loons now have three fluffy chicks with them in the bay.

His patience with the camera was also rewarded with this shot, of Freddy Red Squirrel, checking out the BBQ. Not the wisest plan, little squirrel. There are entire cookbooks out there that feature recipes on how to cook a squirrel!

Your medal is in the Mail

Clam Racing is an endurance event. There is the Start, which is such a fun social occasion...  Then there is the race itself (overnight, because it's like watching paint dry), next comes the uber-exciting measuring of the distances to determine the winners. And finally, it's off to Huntsville to our good friends at Treasures and Trophies to get the medals and the trophy engraved.  This year, some of our guests who had raced into medal contention had to leave before the engraving was completed.  I just want to assure them that their medals are winging their way to them as we speak. (or write? or read?)
Congratulations to six month old Henry Button, who's clam BingClamton raced to the win.
Oh, and yes, we would be very remiss not to mention that we posted to Col. Chris Hadfield's facebook page that Vivian's "Chris Clamfield" ran to the Silver Medal.  He gave it a Like.

Coming Home

Coming home, as Erin paddles bck to the dock in the still evening air, he is being followed by Brian in the float plane, just visible above the horizon.  August evenings -- the quality of light, the stillness... I wish I could paint!


This is a BIG three seater tube, belonging to some of our guests this week... and in this photo Tess, Sophie and Ella demonstrate the correct technique...

But we are told that Jenna managed to get 'ejected' from the tube out there, crossing the boat wake, and that she was in the MIDDLE seat. We're still trying to work out just how she managed that amazing feat!

Go Girl!!!