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Come on into our Blog for a look at the wonderful world we've got to share! With over 240 hectares (600 acres) of wilderness woodlands surrounding the resort, just ten minutes from Algonquin Park, we feature over 400 metres (1200’) of waterfront and beach; boat rentals; summer hiking trails winding through fields and woods; 20 km. of groomed cross country ski trails and snowshoeing in winter; access to nearby snowmobile trails for sledders, and a toboggan hill for the young at heart.

Friday, November 25, 2016


Winter is coming! The boys are happy to get their 'toys' out of storage! This is one of the classic sleds, a true workhorse, that helps keep our ski trails groomed. (oh, and Brian? he's pretty classic too...) #northmuskoka#bondivillage #wintersports #getoutside #offthecouchandintotheworld

Busy Beavers

At this time of year, beavers are working hard to ensure they have their winter pantry well stocked. Once the lakes freeze over, they have to rely on the branches they have stockpiled on the bottom of the lake near their house to feed them. The amount and quality of the food will determine whether the colony -- usually a pair and three to five kits -- will survive the winter. These caches can range up to a full cord of wood (4' X 4' X 8', for a standard cord, for those of you who don't chop and stack often enough to know these things) Since winter is drawing closer, the beavers are in over-drive ensuring they have their winter sorted, and it's a good time of year to see them at work. Dams have to be plugged and strengthened, lodges need to be windproof and solid, and that food pile... November really is the basis for that expression "busy as a beaver." Thanks to Gerry Webb for this wonderful photo of a beaver heading for his 'root cellar' in Algonquin Park this week. #beavers#wildlife #muskoka #bondivillageresort #explorersedge

Skating Star!

Rachel, 7, is one of our great Bondi Kids.

Here she is in her first Senior Bronze skating test and also in her SOLO.

Maybe she'll come visit us in the winter, and show us this in person on our outdoor rink!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Look Back at August

last August, Taffy and her good friend Margaret Unger

Haloed Moon

"Halos around the sun or moon happen when high, thin cirrus clouds are drifting high above your head. Tiny ice crystals in Earth's atmosphere cause the halos. They do this by refracting and reflecting the light. Lunar halos are signs that storms are nearby." This was the super moon last night. Photo credit to my good friend Christina Handley, who takes some of the best photos on the planet, I truly do swear.

They Work Together

Working even when playing. Getting all 20 k of trails ready doesn't happen on its own! The dynamic duo head out on trail patrol

The view from the roof

Checking the cottage roofs before winter affords us some pretty nice views! The deer even stopped by to admire.