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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blackflies, and Senior Moments

The blossoms are falling from the apple trees. The lilacs are just about to open.
Yes, the hum of mosquitoes is heard in the land. And blackflies. Although because we have so much open space, and always a good breeze from the lake, they are far less of an issue here than they are if you go back in the bush, for example! We're experimenting with that latest craze, spraying listerine about to keep them away. A Bounce sheet fastened to the back of your hat is also helpful... the little darlin's don't like to be fluffy and soft, apparently.
Everyone asks what the blackfly is good for. Well, hummingbirds would give them a thumbs up, if they only had thumbs. They eat them.

The photo with this is a picture Jordy created last summer, drawing on an Artist's fungus. She was here when the blueberries were ripe.
Blueberries are always happy to see blackflies zip by... blackflies pollinate the blueberries. And while a friend of mine has offered to do it for the blueberries, by hand, with a very small paintbrush, I think the chances are really good he'd miss one. Or two.
Our swallows are thrilled... so are frogs, and a host of other creatures that can snack off the blackflies that snack on us.

Deet, citronella and a good stiff breeze are still your best friends!

They'll be gone with two weeks of hot weather, anyway.
Which is a good segue for summer -- which is only a few short weeks away now!

We still have vacancies scattered through the summer.
We still offer affordable vacations for families, as well as for couples, and small groups. We've even got a company in the area that is offering a new service -- if you've brought grandma or grandpa with you, and you'd like a day away, they'll come and stay with the cherished senior member of the family, taking them places, fixing meals, etc. It sounds like an interesting idea!

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