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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Going Nuts

Gord, our good friend from Beauview Cottages writes that he is 'going squirrelly waiting for the snow'. He even sent along his "self portrait"

We know how he feels. Brian has been working hard on the ski trails here -- we've got a new loop for this winter to add to the almost 20 k we've already got. We're also keen to get out on that with our skis.

David came by Nancy's to abscond with her downhill skis to get them sharpened and waxed (not that this will help: she can still only turn really well in one direction) Hidden Valley has all their snow guns standing by, ready to go.

Yesterday, it did snow, but not for long. It's coming though, it's coming.

Meanwhile, Gord is entertaining himself watching the red squirrel burglarize the bird feeders. These little guys are entertaining -- watching them figure out the squirrel-proof bird feeders that sell for almost three figures is a sport in itself. Takes them about three minutes, and they've got it down to a science.

Of course, if you get close, they'll scold, and stamp their feet, sometimes becoming so agitated that they fall off the branch. The unusual mild spell is also providing great opportunities to get out and walk -- to go, if you will, 'squirrel watching.'

And the milder weather is giving Gord lots of extra time to be sure the attic is barricaded against their entrance. There's always a silver lining...


  1. When a feeder costing 3 figures that is supposed to be squirrel proof isn't at all squirrel proof, do you let the manufacturer know? I would! Although I don't buy squirrel-proof feeders to begin with. I just put up special feeders for the squirrels, like the one with four rotating prongs for ears of corn. It's a hoot to watch them swing around on it, trying to eat.

  2. That is so fun! Red squirrels are incredibly bossy - with me, the cats and the much larger squirrels. Catherine Parr Trail wrote an excellent piece about them.