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Friday, December 10, 2010

Birds at the Beach

I'm on Longboat Key, Sarasota. I'm about 100 feet away from where the surf hits the beach.

It's a quiet time of year here -- after Thanksgiving, before Christmas -- and you could pretty much fire the proverbial cannon without hitting anyone.

Which doesn't mean it isn't a happening place. Today, while I wandered along the surf (and no, it isn't really hot -- in the low 70's, with the locals all bundled up) I was kept company by large flights of pelicans. Numerous sandpipers. Surprisingly few seagulls.

The resort next door to mine was hosting a photo shoot for the Bealls Dept. store catalogue. Much activity -- sunscreens, light meters, shades, reflectors, cameras. And, yes, models. They were there all day long. The girls were bundled up in down parkas (really) until the moment came for the shots. I asked, and Dave the photographer said it was fine to take pictures of them taking pictures, so I did...

After lunch, I discovered the most wonderful boardwalk nature trails just moment away at the Joan Durante Park. Restoration work on shorelines and wetlands is just part of this 32 acre `wilderness`, and it`s a great place to wander about. Mullett fish were jumping in the lagoons, and I was graced to watch an osprey swoop down and score one of them.

The osprey later posed for me, on a dead tree. I dunno... for me, the wild birds were more interesting than the ones in swimsuits!

Check out the talons on the osprey -- you wouldn`t want to be on the receiving end of those!

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