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Friday, March 23, 2012

On the Edge

Tammy Gravini at the Bohemian Art Cafe and Gallery
Thursday I was in Bracebridge, for a Seminar put on by Explorer's Edge.  These are the fine folk who are promoting tourism in this region, recently 'renovated' by the Province of Ontario.  The Province divvied up the place into twelve Regions, all of which have something great to offer to tourism.  Muskoka was included with Algonquin Park, Almaguin Highlands and Parry Sound (at one point in the process, the Provincial powers-that-be had us lumped in with Markham, but happily we were able to get them to step out of the office and actually look at the province.)  The new geographic division began life with the catchy name RTO 12.  (Regional Tourism Organization 12).  That failed to roll trippingly off the tongue, so not long ago the re-branding came up with a new name for this lovely part of the world.  A part of the world, we hasten to add, that has been chosen twice by the National Geographic Travel Editors to be included in their top 10 destinations year round, and their Number One pick for Summer.  The name is  Explorers' Edge, so when you start to see that cropping up, do think of us.

Terry Gill offers moral support to the artists
The seminar yesterday was all about how to package and provide fun experiences for guests in the region.  Not that there is a shortage of 'things to do' up here, but to brainstorm ways to promote, enhance and partner with these activities, to ensure that our visitors have the best possible experiences while they are here.  It's always fun to be in a room full of folk from the hospitality sector, and it was a great day, facilitated by Experience PEI pros who made us all long to go out with the tide and try our hand at tonging and shucking oysters.

Since we couldn't do that in the Muskoka River, we split into groups to get hands on with some of the local 'experience providers' (I learned that new catch phrase -- apparently it is what I am when I take you out to learn about the Stars at night...)   My group headed to the Bohemian Art Cafe on the main drag of beautiful downtown Bracebridge.  Fun place.  Lots of interesting art (and artists) on site.  A small cafe in the back, and in between "the art experience".  Yes, they sat us down with paints and canvas and helped everyone try their hand at creating a masterpiece.

Our collection - very Group of Many
In this chapter we learned that Napster paints far better than I do.

Back at the seminar, we compared notes with the groups that went zip-lining and learned how to bake hamburger buns... There is no end to the interesting things you can do up here, really.  Then we brainstormed.  Starting with an inventory of the attractions and activities that are here already, each table tried to come up with some new experience that guests to the region -- as well as those of us who live or own second homes here -- could enjoy.

Terry Gill with one of his pieces
It was a fun day.  At my table we had Stephen, who wants to teach folks how to fish -- and perhaps partner up to offer a shore lunch and opportunity to learn to bake bannock as well as bait a hook.  And John, who is the Superintendent at Arrowhead Provincial Park, who has some ideas on ways to expand on the very popular Skating Trail. Ideas, I hasten to add, that include chocolate. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Thanks to Explorers' Edge for hosting this event.   That's not all they are up to at the Edge.  Book with us before March 31 for a two night stay vacation  before May 17th  and you'll get a coupon for free cash and a cash voucher  worth $100.  It's called Fuel and Fun.

So -- since April and May in Algonquin Park is definitely a MOOSEd SEE occasion, now is your chance to book with us, get your fuel, and use that voucher for one of the fun activities in the area -- like the Bohemian Art Gallery.

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