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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meeting Dr. Bethune

Many people, when they think of Muskoka, think only of the lakes and the summer season.

There is a whole lot more.  While the standing joke is that Canada has too much geography while Europe has too much history, there is a startling amount of "history" up here as well.

This statue is in Gravenhurst. Sculpted by Brenda Wainman-Goulet, it commemorates Dr. Norman Bethune.  Born in Gravenhurst, where his home is now a National Park museum, he is still revered in China as example of selfless humanitarianism. The last years of his life were spent in China as a battlefront surgeon and teacher during the Revolution.  His story is remarkable, and extensive, and should be known by all Canadians.  There is a good reason that the commemorative plaque is in English and French -- but also in Spanish and Chinese.  During the Spanish Civil War, Dr. Bethune "invented" a blood transfusion system that saved thousands.  In China, he is still a national hero.

There are a great many museums and historic sites located throughout Muskoka. This is just one, which I post today because I was in Gravenhurst this week at a seminar on Heritage, right next to this sculpture.

Brenda Wainman-Goulet, the artist, has also rendered the Tom Thompson statue in Huntsville. We have one of her earlier works right here at Bondi Village -- a life-sized redtail hawk soars over our front lawns, in memory of our father, Paul Tapley.

Talented artists are abundant in Muskoka. Art and Studio tours, combined with museum tours, offer all sorts of options above and beyond sitting on the dock.

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  1. Many years ago -- had to be in the '70s -- I met a fellow who was an associate of Dr. Bethune, and he patiently explained the doctor pronounced his name bet-tune. Just so you know.