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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Screaming Heads

Just before our snow arrived, I had the occasion to drive north to Burk's Falls. With a bit of time to spare, I took a sidetrip down Hwy 520 towards Magnetawan, to the beautifully named Midlothian Road. 

About five minutes down this road -- although there is no signpost that would tell you this -- you come to the Screaming Heads, Midlothian Castle and the Midlothian Valley Organic Farm.

This is not to be confused with Lothlorien, the fabled home of the Elvish in Lord of the Rings. Rather, this is the stuff of weird. Not a bad weird, just weird.  The Castle is guarded by a two-headed dragon...

Of course it isn't open this time of year, the castle, that is, or the Organic Farm, but you can wander about among the sculptures and add some screaming of your own.

 It comes complete with flocks of peacocks. I wondered where they spent the cold winter evenings, but the Castle is big, and probably has a heated Peacock dungeon dedicated to their comfort...

The horses, part of the Four Horsemen display add some variety to the heads and hands... and should set your mind to thinking.

The Screaming Heads and the Castle are brainchildren of retired teacher and artist Peter Camani,

Midlothian Castle and the Screaming Heads is well worth a visit.  You really do have to see it to believe it.

The site is huge. And you can't miss it, as the locals will also say when giving directions. But you really can't.

As you drive along, suddenly you fine yourself accompanied on both sides of the road by huge cement sculptures of, well, of screaming heads.  Hands poking up from the ground.  Forests of screaming trees. Anguished looking horses.

I find it mildly unsettling, but then, I think it is meant to be, and I don't have a house with a two-headed dragon either.  On a November day, it has it's own eerie charm. 

In the summer, the Organic Farm is open, adding another reason to drop in for a visit. As if you'd need another reason.  Just going for a wander through the collection is really reason enough.  But if you can't get there, this video will give you a taste of it.

It is about an hour's drive north of Bondi Village, near the village of Burk's Falls.  Put it on your bucket list.


  1. I have been up to Burk's Falls from time to time, but I've never been to this place... haven't heard of it til now. Wow! Amazing shots!