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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Living Up to the Advertising

camera 'selfie', after it's big adventure...
 I have a bad tendency to destroy the cameras that travel with me, jammed into pockets (sharing that domicile with dog cookies, bits of hay, horse treats, car keys and lord knows what else)   Apparently, that habit is murder on telephoto lens, which 'gum up' and 'give up'... But I need a camera that is small enough to come with me, in said scruffy pockets, to let me catch pics for this very Blog...   

Fujifilm camera, living up to its advertising
So last time round (about two years ago, in fact) the fine folk at Huntsville's Cavalcade Color Lab suggested that I try this model.   "Shockproof", they said.  Which is good, since I've been known to drop a camera or two while juggling chickens, kids, horses and the like...   "Waterproof", they said.  Which is also good.   It has a limited zoom capability, but that zoom lens is contained within the camera, so there are no exterior 'bits' to collect the bits of detritus living in my pockets.  Dog treats make no impression on this baby...

It's a good thing it is shockproof and waterproof... those very qualities helped get it through not just the wash, but the rinse and the spin cycle of the washing machine.  Not a good feeling, to pull out the clothes and find the camera still nestled amongst them.      Words were spoken.

But the camera shrugged off the experience, and continues to take great shots.  So, I am officially impressed.  And wanted to share this testimonial, for anyone else out there who is guilty of CameraAbuse. This might be the one to have stuffed in the backpack, or the canoe, or in your pocket while you are riding your horse, or just out in the rain walking the dog.  Thanks Fuji.

1 comment:

  1. It looks like a handy camera.

    I haven't put a camera through the wash, but on a couple of occasions a flash drive went through the wash, coming out none the worse for wear.