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Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day Foolery

 It cannot ALL be work -- although here is a shot of Brian diligently raking up the beach at Anchor cottage today...  He likes to stay ahead of things.

But once that task was done, it was time to move on to the fun (and silly!) stuff.

While there are limited destinations available at present, with nearly six inches of ice on our bay, that still left the swath around the main dock where the ice away has been at work. It doesn't usually open up that much water, but it has been so mild that we suddenly had a tiny lake there.

It was enough to go paddling around and around.  Note that he is a) wearing the appropriate life jacket, and has a whistle attached; b) is close to the dock and to the assistance of the photographer in case he dumps the kayak, and c) is nicely bundled in warm and mainly waterproof clothing. 

That water is COLD so don't try this at home, kiddies! It requires adult supervision (in this case, provided by David. A scary thought, although we love the lad to pieces)

The BMD has already been out to check the depth and strength of the ice. That meant that David felt confident walking out to get some shots looking back at the resort and Brian. This one is my favourite, with the trees reflecting on the wet surface.

All of which just goes to show that even a dull and not-sunny day here in #northmuskoka it hard to beat! And sure beats battling crowds in the mall to buy 'stuff'.

Brian paddled madly about in circles until it finally occured to him that he was not going to locate the Northwest Passage, and then it was time to tuck the kayak away again, and head into the house for hot coffee and another of Carol's delicious dinners!