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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pure Gold

The American goldfinches are here in quantity - and breath-taking beauty.  

The males are resplendent in their golden breeding plumage, the girls are a little quieter in a soft olive colour scheme.  They swarm at the nyger seed feeder, and congregate on the lawns where they are enjoying the dandelion seeds.

Dandelions are the first spring food out for the local bees, as well as the finches, so we never get too worried about seeing them (and other wildflowers) dotting our lawns.

The bluejay brings a bright spark of colour to the feeders year round. While they are usually pushy, this one found himself forced to wait politely while Felonius the House Munk chowed down. 

 It has been pointed out to Felonius that his is NOT a bird. He doesn't care...

Chip is quite content to make the bluejay wait his turn.

 Today the Usual Suspects were joined by the red polls. More colour.

Since the bears are awake, we are careful to bring the birdfeeders inside at night. Including the Hummingbird feeder -- it is an interesting aside to note that hummingbird feeders are the number one attractant to bring a bear into your yard.  Bears have a sweet tooth. Or two.  But if you are careful with the feeders, you can continue to enjoy the birds at the feeders. Just be Bear Smart.

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