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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Beers in the Bush

 Carol was slightly flummoxed last weekend when guests asked her, in accented English, "do you have beers?"

Turned out, they meant 'bears'.

Short answer. Yes.

Hiking in the back field, we stopped to show some of our guests the apple tree that is currently providing food to the local "beer".  There is a lot of fruit on this tree (and they are dang fine apples, too, we all had one!) so the bear is quite happy to stay away from people and the resort and just stuff himself on apples.

That diet does leave to the bear leaving evidence of his presence behind.  Pretty much providing the answer to the question "does a bear s*** in the woods?"  Yes. And near the apple tree, too...

Be not afraid, though -- we can all co-habit with bears if we respect them, and their habitat.

There was a lot of wolf scat in that field as well -- and Zack found evidence that the wolves had been along.  This tooth was once part of a beaver.

To be found in the middle of the field,it would indicate that the wolf carried it there, or that the beaver was on a rather inadvised trek across the field to the hidden lake beyond.

Either way, it was a cool find.   Stuff like this excites and fascinates us -- it is another way to learn about our animal neighbours.

Including our 'beers'.  So here's to you, wildlife!

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  1. I've seen bears up that way, and heard wolves regularly.