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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Watching the Ice Form

On January 4th, it was open water...

and a fabulous sunset

fire in the sky, and open water below!

January 6th, we had the start of the ice, ringing the bay

and steaming -- since the lake is warmer than the air, you get a lot of this as the ice forms.

still, most of the lake, including Bondi Bay, was still unfrozen.

January 7th changed that. Overnight, the entire bay locked up.
There was still open water beyond the points, still smoking...

that rising mist made for some very pretty sights!

as the sun came up, you could just make out the sundog (centre of the phtoo, in the treetops) that
signalled a change in the weather coming.

January 8th, and not just Bondi Bay but almost all of this end of Haystack Bay was frozen across. Don't trust the ice
though, it's not strong yet!

Wind had blown most of the snow away, leaving a glaze of black ice.

and that icy smooth surface made the most of the sunset, reflecting back the strong colours.
Breathtakingly lovely.

the 'yellow brick road' across the bay...

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  1. I tend to watch the ice form on the Canal here. It's been late this year, and I wouldn't walk on it yet.