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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Fat Bikes!

This was fun. Susan and Gary were here for the weekend, with Fat Bikes.

 With what??? A fat bike is simply a mountain bike with extra-wide tires – think somewhere between 3 1/2 and 5 inches – and a frame that can accommodate them. The idea is that wide tires with low pressure will help you float over the trails rather than sinking in, which leads to not just a better experience, but better trail etiquette, too, especially important when you’re sharing trails with cross-country skiers and snowshoers.
To use them on ski trails, your tires must be at least 3 1/2 inches wide and with the tire pressure no higher than a squishy 10 PSI. And if conditions are too warm, stay off the trails. It’s bad etiquette to leave a rut.

Fat biking on snow has become popular with hardcore cyclists as a way to stay in shape outdoors, rather than on indoor trainers, but that’s not the only reason to try it. 

A good fat bike day is not necessarily a good ski day.. On a fresh powder day, you’re better off hitting the slopes, but when the slopes are skied out and the trails are nicely packed, a fat bike can navigate cross-country ski and snowshoe (single-track) trails with ease. Not to mention the snowmobile tracks that are packed across our frozen bay!

Being careful to stay to the side of the groomed trails, and not bike in the set ski track, Susan and Gary checked out pretty much ALL of our 20 km of ski trails.

While Gary has his own bike, Susan rented hers from Algonquin Outfitters. It's a fabulous "other way" to get out of doors - and with the mild weather of March arriving in another day, it's a great new sport to take for a spin. Literally.

Even Brian took one of the bikes for a spin. He reported it as great good fun, but also a great good cardio workout.
Taffy? She was just enchanted with the whole concept.
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