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Monday, May 16, 2016

Grandfather Bear Hanging the Stars

This is a painting of the First Nations' legend of how Grandfather Bear created the constellations.  

It is lovely, and charming.  So many people now cannot see, or learn, about the constellations because the cities have so much ground light that the sky is drowned out by the lights. 

 We had a guest from Israel here two years ago. He was delightful, and 85 years old, and enjoying his first visit to Canada and Bondi Village Resort.   Out on the lawn, at one of the Star Search programs we offer on clear summer nights, he was just standing still, staring up, silent, while Nancy traced out the Big Dipper, the North Star, Bootes, the Summer Triangle.  Finally he said, very softly, and in a voice full of awe, "you know, in all my life, I have never seen the Milky Way."  It was arching overhead, in its fullest beauty.

We are happy to be able to take our guests out to learn about the night sky. We are honoured that our sky is dark enough to allow us to fully enjoy that wonder.

And speaking of Grandfather Bear, we are working with Mike McIntosh, of the Bear With Us bear rescue Sanctuary, to bring him here this summer to talk about bears, coyotes, wolves, and the wonderful creatures that they are! Excited to see how we can work this all out!

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  1. I know on those dark nights in Muskoka, seeing the sweep of the Milky Way is a beautiful sight.