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Monday, January 30, 2017

Wild About Us

deer fur, along the trail by Springside

wolf tracks! Megan's hand gives some scale to this Big Boy

Last week, some of our guests came across a wolf-kill near one of our ski/snowshoe trails, up on top of Hemlock Bluff.  There was not much left -- one thing for sure, when a pack of wolves take down a deer, they don't waste any of it.  

Later that week, the same guests saw wolves trot across our frozen lake.  And then they spotted the Bald Eagle, who was visiting another kill-site out on the lake past our bay.

another clump of fur...  
more wolf tracks
A few days ago, out walking with Taffy and Megan, we came across signs of a scuffle, much closer to home.  Along the trail next to Springside cottage there were clumps of deer fur, tracks going every which way, both deer and wolf.  And then, nothing.  The deer escaped, the wolf went hungry. But the tale written in the snow was fascinating.

At the Visitor Centre in Algonquin Park, the rangers set out a car-killed moose near Sunday creek, so visitors could watch the activity around the kill.   Martens, Fishers, Foxes, Ravens have all been busy, glad of the food in this cold month.  And wolves.  The visitors have been so excited by the chance to glimpse wild Algonquin wolves... 

Stay with us, check out what's wild about us, and then hop over to the Park, just ten minutes away, and see what else is happening in the 'hood.

you can read the story from the traacks in the snow!

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  1. There are lots of critters out there that will be very efficient about disposing of remains.