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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Charming Encounter

Sue, camera in hand, was admiring the hollyhocks by the door this morning when something small and fast buzzed past her ear, did a quick U-turn and hovered right in front of her face.

It took her a moment to grab the picture, as the rather petulant hummingbird explained, with high pitched squeaks and buzzing wings that this was indeed HER hollyhock, and Sue could just go find one for herself. Small wonder. Nectar is important to these tiny birds, especially now, as they try to 'bulk up' before setting off on an 800 km. migration across the Gulf of Mexico, non-stop, with no in-flight movies or meals provided.

With wings beating 55 - 75 beats per second, it's amazing to us that she got anything in the photograph other than blur, so we've provided another shot, of a more co-operative male resting on the feeder.

One of four hummingbirds found in Canada, the ruby throat is the only one we get here in Muskoka, about the size of your thumb, and with feathers that actually fracture the light until the birds resemble flying jewels. The humming noise is not, as David claims, because they just can't remember the words, but is produced by the rapid beat of the wings. Hummingbirds do know the words -- and will sing to you in high pitched squeaks as they fly about your head.

In native cultures, they are the symbol for Joy. And, aptly, hummingbirds don't come in flocks. When they are traveling together, it is correctly termed 'A charm of hummingbirds.'

I like that.

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