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Monday, October 19, 2009

Rosita Rocks

As after-dinner speakers go, Rosita Hall is a keeper.

She was sitting at the same table with us at the Resorts of Ontario dinner, so we got a little bit extra chance to chat with her.

Then, as the coffee was poured, she bounced up out of her seat, grabbed the audience, and had everyone laughing within moments. Remember what's important, she reminded us -- choose the three things you can't live without, and be sure they are included on your to-do list every day. That could be family, health, a long-held passion for an activity. It's up to you, but it's also up to you to take that time, to include what matters.

Laugh. Laugh often. Laugh till it hurts. Choose laughter. Let stuff go... and never forget that the heart will light your way through the darkest of the dark.

It's so easy to get so deeply enmeshed in the 'have-to-do list' that we sometimes lose sight of the who that's going to do it... That would be each of us. Thanks Rosita for reminding us that we are all okay, we are all special. For reminding us to look after ourselves. To listen when our bodies and minds point out that we are perhaps over-extended. To take a vacation (Bondi has vacancies, by the way... what better place to find yourself if you have slightly lost your compass than here???) To take a breath. We each of us are our own best asset... and it's a beautiful, funny, energetic world out there.
When Nancy teaches riders to jump fences, there is a wonderful old adage: 'Throw your heart over, the horse will follow'. Rosita has honed that concept for all dealings with each other: 'heart power is the key.'
It's good to be reminded of what's important, and it's good to laugh with friends. Thanks Rosita!

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