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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pre-Hallowe'en Rocky Horror and the Joy of Arlo

We're leading with the best photo moment --   last weekend was the annual Oakhurst Farm "Bondi Babes" Getaway.

Every year, there is a theme, and costumes, games, challenges. Usually there's a nature hike, but the rain pushing in from Hurricane Sandy put a literal damper on that.

Friday night saw the glam and weird come out for the Rocky Horror evening -- complete with cupcakes decorated with top hats and red lips.  It's a strange movie, that doesn't actually get better with time, but then it really wasn't about the movie. 

Saturday was 'Arlo Day', which kicked off with an Arlo Trivia quiz and ended at the Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville for the Arlo Guthrie Concert.  Now, we're mightily impressed that Arlo came to our little town -- he himself made the wonderful comment that it is hard for him to find a place he's never been and here he wasn't sure where he was.  By the way -- if you ever find yourself in the position to get to one of Arlo's concerts, drop everything and GO! He is wonderful, even if he rarely if ever performs Alice's Restaurant (the full 18 minutes) in concert. He is fun, wise, musical, sharp and gentle all at once. He's a true icon and a musical treasure.

Ruth, from Oakhurst, is a huge Arlo fan.  After the concert, she scurried round the corner of the theatre, hoping to get a picture of herself in front of Arlo's Tour Bus. Really, that was all she expected to achiever. The bus was dark, and she merrily posed in front of it. Whereupon the lights came on, Arlo came out and most graciously not only chatted, but posed with the girls.

As one wrote on her FB wall, "Arlo Concert: $65 Bondi weekend away with the girls: $200 Ruth getting to meet Arlo: PRICELESS!!!!!!"

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  1. I never did much get the point to Rocky Horror... there's a rep theatre five minutes walk from my place in Ottawa that plays it regularly through the year.

    Those cupcakes look scrumptious!