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Friday, October 19, 2012


Sue and Jim were here just prior to Thanksgiving. Sadly, Sue had to return to be at her father Walt Hadden's side as he passed on. They came back after the funeral, however, to find some renewal in one of their favourite places.

They spend a lot of time walking our secluded trails network, camera in hand.

When I saw them the other day, returning from a walk through the Spruce Bog, they asked me if I had seen the Snowy Owl.  After I picked myself up, green with envy, I had to confess that no, I had not. Although now I go everywhere with one eye scanning for the bird.

They saw this magnificent creature on the Lookout hill, just before Sue had to go home.  They've been watching for it again.

We do get Snowy Owls this far south, depending on the supply of available mice in the north.  Right now, we've got what would seem to be a plethora of mice and voles -- Dave and Mike, moving some piles of weeds from the garden, started about twenty voles who dashed off in all directions. 

We are honoured by the arrival of this most magnificent of birds. Sue and Jim didn't manage to get a photo, but we have 'borrowed' one from the internet, above, and are adding one taken by our friend Gary Shultz, who got the capture shot of an owl in flight in Algonquin Park several years back.

We're also honoured that Sue and Jim were the ones to see this owl. Sue's dad, Walter, would have liked that...

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  1. I've seen them on occasion in the winter. They're a beautiful bird.