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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Betelguese... the view is wonderful from here

There is a lot of buzz right now about the supergiant supernova betelgeuse which is going to go Bang. Any day now. Maybe. Or not. Might take another century or so. Might happen tomorrow.

The good news is, being over 640 million light years away, it isn't going to cause us all to boil into stardust ourselves. Although it is expected that we'll be able to see it quite clearly when it does go SPUT. Predictions are it will be visible during the day, and that's pretty dang impressive. We have only one star that is that bright, and we fondly call her our Sun.

For those who don't even know where to look in the sky to see this lovely red giant, in the constellation Orion, we'd like to suggest that you come join us here at Bondi this winter. We'll take you out for a Star Search, and at the end of that evening you'll have your own personal map of the heavens.

And speaking of heavens, as we roll towards Christmas 2012, just ponder for a few moments. If Betelguese DOES decide that the time is now...

There will be a Star in the East...

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  1. I've always liked being out in that area on a clear cold night, and just seeing how many stars are up there. Almost all of it gets completely wiped out in the city.