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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Traditions, Family, Friends and a Walk in the Woods

 Everyone has their own traditions at Christmas.

One of ours is to go for a hike after lunch.  Brian and David always climb the mountain.  You can't beat the view from the top!

I didn't join them this go round, because I had a group of guests with me from the Resort, and two of them requsted something shall we say, less hilly.  So we tramped out through the sugarbush.  We found all sorts of cool things, as one does, whenever one gets out into Nature.  Taffy was happy to be tour guide, pointing out the tree that the hairy woodpecker had been carving up.

We found trees where deer had polished up their antlers. Lots of woodpecker work.  Lots and lots of tracks -- rabbit, squirrel, deer, fox...  A tree the bear had broken down at the top to reach the apples... there is always lots to discover.

And no sooner where we back at the Resort office, waving and shouting up to Brian and Dave on the mountain top, than David phoned me.   "Eagle alert," he said. "He's circling just to the left of you, over Longside cottage."   And so he most beautifully was.  This time several of our guests also had the chance to see him.

Bondi Bay has now frozen all the way across.  That is not water now gleaming around Clover's dock, but clear, hard ice.  Almost enough, but not quite... Keep fingers crossed, we could be skating on our bay very very soon!

There were lots of visitors at the stable today too, to meet the horses and collect eggs from the hens.  And speaking of the hens, it was a mild day today, so out they ventured -- in fact, we got a picture that proves that sometimes, just sometimes, we can get all our hens in a row.

Our day is bracketed with a family breakfast -- again thanks to the hens for providing the eggs, and to David and Nancy who prepare the meal.  Dinner is down to Carol, and there is nobody better at preparing a feast.

In between, there are presents under the tree, phone calls with friends, relaxing together...

Oh, and yes, it just wouldn't be Christmas without at least one 'silly hat.'

We hope that your day was as lovely as ours, with your own traditions.

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