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Monday, February 25, 2013

Come for a Walk in Our Backyard

Even before Taffy and I headed out for a snowshoe hike, we had a visitor. Several turkeys were right by the front door of my cottage.  Such BIG birds! It amazes me that they can fly as well as they do!

No, it's not just a picture of a white background. Look closely and you'll see the first snowfleas of the season. These are tiny insects, correctly called Springtails that live in the soil. They come out on milder Spring days, and look like someone sprinkled pepper on the snow.

It was so quiet, you could trick yourself into thinking you were all alone out there. Until you look around. Look how far the deer go at each stride as they bound away through the snow!

There was not a single track across the open field -- that was not the case along the tree line where we were walking!

Taffy found it! Right there, at the bottom of the snow... SPRING!!!!

And there were rabbits everywhere. Big wabbits, little wabbits, wascally wabbits -- and this chap, a Snowshoe Hare.  I think his snowshoes were almost as big as mine! They are very hard to see because this time of year they are in their lovely white winter coats, but their tracks give them away.

Looking up in the spruce trees is like being in a cathedral. Only better.

What a lovely artist's fungus, wearing a white winter hat.

Speaking of 'wabbits' there were so many up in the spruce bog that that they had beaten down trails. Rabbit Run.

Leaving the  Hawk Lake trail, this tree simply glowed against the evening sky.

Squirrels were also abundant. Sometimes they come down from the trees -- and wow, can they ever jump!

So there you are, a walk in our winter, with Taffy showing how it is done!

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  1. From the turkey's point of view, you're on his property!

    Taffy looks utterly enthusiastic!