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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goes Around, Comes Around

 "Come on," said my good friend Ben, who has worked on Liberal Party campaigns since Adam was a lad. "It will be fun."

So off we went to Bracebridge this week, to meet Justin Trudeau.  The man is working hard covering territory and making speeches (Damn good speech, by the way) on his way to contest the leadership of the Liberal Party.

Now, many many moons ago, my Dad worked on Pierre Elliott Trudeau's first campaign.  I have mementos.  I have one of the original campaign buttons from that era. 

And I have a mug... which bears a caricature of Pierre, rose in his teeth, and the iconic phrase "Fuddle Duddle."   You had to be there...  

I took both of these items with me.  And Justin, bless his very gracious heart, signed the mug for me.

Also in the crowd was Inga, who had with her a Christmas card from 22 Sussex Drive, with a lovely picture of Pierre and his three sons.  Justin signed that for her as well.

There was an excellent crowd on hand, and I've got to say I was really impressed by his presence, his confidence, his courtesy, and -- oh, yes, his ideas. That too.

Ben was right. It was fun.   And I think that I may now have the only Fuddle Duddle mug in captivity that spans the generations.  Thanks for that, Justin Trudeau.

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  1. I'm a conservative of the old Red Tory variety, so I despise what the Conservatives, federally and provincially, have done to that brand. I doubt I'll ever be able to vote Conservative while those parties are in the hands of neo-cons and religious right fanatics who believe in demonizing the opposition and governing by ideology.

    So I find myself left voting Liberal. That said, I wish they'd elect Garneau to lead the party.