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Friday, April 19, 2013

Rivers, Run

Robin Tapley's photo of Ragged Falls. Lovely to look
 Our cousin, Robin Tapley, got this great photo of Ragged Falls today.

After we got 50 mm of rain in 24 hours, there was no shortage of photos of high water.

Huntsville declared an emergency, with many roads completely washed away and people needed to be evacuated.
The Boyne creek, just past Dwight on Hwy 60.
Lake of Bays has 12 roads closed due to washouts or flooding, and is asking seasonal residents not to come north this weekend to give time to effect repairs.

Hwy 11 collapsed near Allensville when the water undermined the highway and created a sinkhole.

Water tumbling down Schaffer's Falls, near the
Dwight Village Motel
The Lake of Bays rose over a foot last night, and the water is still booming into the lake from the headwaters in Algonquin.  The sudden warm weather combined with so much rain caused a rapid melt in the snowpack... and water always flows downstream.

The Boyne creek blasting into Dwight Bay -- about half
the bay is open thanks to the rivers running in.
Good news in a way for those waiting anxiously for the opening of the Fishing Season at the end of April -- this rain event has certainly made massive inroads on the ice, although there is still a lot of ice out there that has to melt.

Marsh's Falls is impressive right now.  Just a reminder -- stay well clear of creeks and rivers and even ditches. The water is running very fast, and since it is meltwater, it is running very cold as well.

rock at the base of the Falls

note how close to the top of the bank the river is

The standing rock near the base of Marsh's Falls, where summer visitors like to sit and sunbathe, is currently somewhere under a high standing wave.

The river is running very close to the top of the old bridge abutment.  Last August I was able to walk almost all the way across the Falls at that abutment without getting wet feet. Now, not so much...  Just stay clear!

Marsh's Falls, half way down
looking downstream from the Falls. Hope
the big Pine doesn't wash away!

Waterfalls are impressive and beautiful when they are in Spring Flood. But dangerous.

Looking downstream from the Falls you can see the extent of the widening of the river to take up all that water.

photo by What's Up Muskoka, Bracebridge Falls
Keep in mind that Rivers Run to the Sea. Or the Great Lakes in our case.  To the south of us, in Bracebridge, What's Up Muskoka captured a great shot of the bridge in the heart of the downtown.

Heather Douglas photo of Waseosa Road
But water is an irresistable force. As many of the area roads found out to their cost. Our friend Heather Douglas got this shot on Waseosa Road. 

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  1. Wow... I'd heard about flooding in the area on the news last night. These really bring home how much of it's going on.