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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Docks Rise, Storm Clouds Lower, Fish (maybe) Bite

 Well, looky there... the docks are back.
And we are able to tie a boat to the dock! This is all good news.  Water levels are still quite high. You will notice that we don't have much sand beach showing yet.

On the other hand, as Taffy sniffs along the water's edge, her nose deep in the tracks of a raccoon, you can see the 'high tide' line where the water was.  Mike and Dave are hard at work cleaning up the shoreline now.  Finally. Everything had to wait until it was dry enough to work there!

On the lawn, the wood violets are coming into their own.

Storm clouds moving in set off the lovely daffodils in the garden by the lake.  One almost hesitates to say that we could use some rain, following so close on the flood event, but it has been (as they say) "powerful dry" and there are fire restrictions in place as a result. It seems we swing from one extreme to the next nowadays.

The ducks seem quite pleased with the water levels.  This handsome chap came bobbing past me by the main dock.

Vic spent the day out on the lake, desperately seeking trout. Or just seeking a chance to spend a day fishing. A bad day fishing still beats a good day at work for Vic.  He had launched his boat at the public ramp at Norway Point, but worked his way up the lake to stop in for a visit.

Kindly, he took us for a ride along the shore.  Taffy was of the opinion that she could do a better job of fish spotting than the fish finder he had on board.  Not true, however, as it turned out.  Just look, though, at how green Bondi now looks!

 Spring greens are spectacular. I have been told that there are over 30 different shades of green on display in the spring woods.  Looking at the far hills here, I can well believe it.  Not to mention the range of colours evident in the stormy sky and the lake water as Vic sets out to continue his quest for trout.

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  1. Quite a difference in that high water mark, and still more to go. I saw much the same the other day, looking at the Ottawa River in the city. It's quite high at the moment.