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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Downing, yes. Slowing, not so much

 The Oxtongue River is getting back between the banks. The flow is greatly reduced from what it was last week at the peak of the flood, although there is still a lot of water coming over Marsh's Falls .

Compare this with the photo from last week, just after the flood hit, when the water was within the top run of stones on the far bank.

While the water levels here are downing, the flood is now to the south of us, where we hear that the Moon River is 9' above normal.  Our friend Ed Boutelier has graphed the levels on his own blog.

As the water level drops on Lake of Bays, people are getting a better idea of the damage to docks, boathouses, basements.

If you are keen to get to your cottage and check it out, and cannot resist getting out in the boat while you are there, please keep in mind that there is a LOT (and we do mean a LOT) of debris in the water, ( to give one example, check out this video of the Muskoka Chairs and their dock taking a dive over the Bracebridge Dam) including logs that are floating just below the surface and constitute a big hazard to navigation. Also, remember that wave action will farther compromise docks, so please avoid joy riding at any speed that produces a wake (note previous comment re debris in water) and finally, the ice just left. Really. Just. So that water is COLD. Be careful. Keep a close eye on pets and children if you are near anything running with a current.
Yes it is lower than it was... that doesn't mean it is anywhere near back to normal levels.

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