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Friday, December 27, 2013

Brightest. Darkest. An Eclipse for Solstice night.

David has a 'never fail' weather forecast:  Light in the morning, darkening through the evening, dark at night.  
He's never missed yet, but today and tonight he's on fire with that forecast. 
After a fluffy sparkly day, we're headed into the Darkest Night. Really.
A Lunar Eclipse, on top of the Solstice -- how often does that happen? How often do you score out a lunar eclipse on the longest night of the year?  Well, it's been 500 years, so if you missed the last one, you have a good excuse for it.
The Earth's shadow will begin to blot out the moon at 1:32 a.m. EST (10:32 p.m. PST). During totality, when the Earth is directly between the moon and the sun, the moon will turn a rusty orange-red for 72 minutes from 2:41 a.m. to 3:53 a.m. EST (11:41 p.m. to 12:53 a.m. PST).
Set your alarm and climb out of bed -- why not? How often do you get to see this stuff???
Tongue firmly in cheek, NYU science journalist Prof. John Rennie outlines what you can expect :
1. Faint penumbral dimming of the moon's disk.
2. Pervasive creeping sensations of unease.
3. Howling of wolves.
4. Unclean things walk the earth; Dick Cheney rises from the grave.
5. Contortion of the zodiac.
6. Intrusion of strange dimensions.
7. Universal gibbering madness.
8. Cthulhu.
9. A glimmer of sanity in the chaos.
10. Restoration of Euclidean geometry.
11. Fungal Mi-go from Yuggoth return captive brains to their rightful owners.
12. Applause, followed by waffles for breakfast.

 While we think this list a tad 'over the top', we look forward to the appluase, and waffles for breakfast, and we would not be the least surprised to encounter the owling of wolves.  Possibly even a glide-by from the Snowy Owl that has been spotted in Algonquin Park.


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