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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snap. Frozen.

 Taffy just s'nose that winter is here!  She was helping me measure how much of the white stuff we got last week.  For three days it just kept falling. And falling.

We've now got close to two feet of snow -- that means it's up over your knees if you slog through it.

Who has seen the Wind? Well, anyone who has been out in a blizzard -- the flakes spin and swirl with every hint of the Winds' breath.  You need to be bundled up. You need layers. You need to cover your face. But you should keep your eyes open. It's astonishing.

Just a few days ago, right after the melt I posted about last week, the bay had refrozen, and was deep with snow. Out by the points, the lake was still open. The island was still encircled with water, as islands are.

But now, the lake is frozen all the way across, past the Island, all the way to the far shore.

Dave and Mike have snowmobiled the ski trails to start packing them in.  Brian has got the driveways and parking lots ploughed waaaaaaay back to allow for more snowfall. Which is coming.

Winter is here.  Hidden Valley Highlands is open on all hills. The Algonquin Snowmobile Club has got some trails already groomed and open (but the Lakes are NOT SAFE and not staked. Stick to marked and open trails)  Arrowhead Park has got skate-skiing trails open, and are about to open their Skating Trail in the woods.  The snow is laced with the tracks of deer on our lawns. The toboggan hill is just calling out for kids to come jump on board.

Christmas is right around the corner. What are you doing to work off the turkey? Why not come north, and spend some days with us.

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  1. Taffy looks like going inside is the best course of action!

    Today the temperatures with the windchills factored in feel like minus thirty here. This evening there's snow added into the mix.

    The Rideau Canal has been frozen over for some time, and Dow's Lake, which is part of it, was already frozen- though not safe- at the end of November.