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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Carnival in a Blizzard

 The Dwight Winter Carnival didn't fare well in the Weather Sweepstakes this year, with high winds and blowing snow causing a lot of problems for the organizers.  The weather forced cancellation of the helicopter rides, for one. Reasonably so, because it does help being able to see through the rotor wash to where you need to land...

All the same, the people that attended were having a super time.

Congratulations, much deserved, to Lois McCutcheon, the winner of the Bob Palmer Award for community service.  It was an excellent choice. Lois, we salute you!

There was no shortage of food! From the bountiful Lions' Club Pancake Breakfast, through the Pie Contest, to the Lunch Booth manned by the kids embarking on the Me to We trip to Ghana next month -- and not to overlook the cotton candy -- nobody went hungry. Then the evening brought the big Dinner and Dance... although we are not so sure there is enough dancing possible to burn off the calories consumed at the average Carnival.

In the Community Centre, there were a couple of just superb entertainers for the younger set.  A magician in the morning held the kids absolutely spellbound. It was just lovely to see how engaged and actively the kids were participating with him.  In the afternoon, the show turned from magic to science -- and again, the kids were just locked in!

Outside, dog sleds were doing a brisk business taking kids and adults alike for sled rides.

 And a threesome of patient ponies were also happy to provide rides for the little ones.

For everyone else, a gorgeous team of Belgians took sleigh rides along Dwight Beach Road.

Once you got down to the Beach, the Snowmobile Club was set up for Speed Trials. These were, sadly, hampered by the blowing snow that was tricking the radar gun, so it was (you should pardon the pun) heavy sledding to get the runs done.

Station 40 Volunteer Firefighters' Station was on hand -- enjoying some coffee, and flaunting the latest fashion statement for our superb volunteer firefighters.  (Love you both, Ben and Clint!)

 How difficult was the blowing snow on the lake?  Well, this sled is the first of a line of about six. The other five aren't far behind him... headlights on... invisible.

 The time trial run is marked out and professionally timed by Eichler Racing, and there were a lot of sleds milling about to give it a go. This one clocked at 73 mph.   That speed will pin your ears back...

Between the unco-operative weather and the Olympic hockey, attendance was down from last year, but spirits were undaunted.

Much thanks to all those who worked to make the Carnival happen!

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