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Friday, February 7, 2014

Visitors on a Snow White Day

Our neighbour Betsy had what she described as a Snow White moment this week.   Camera in hand, she had gone to photograph tracks across the pond by her house.

(We think they are a fox, by the way. Fox leaves his track in a beautiful neat line, like  a string of pearls.  Otter drags his tail behind.  Porcupine ploughs a trough. Wolf trots with his hips to one side...)

As she walked through the woods, there was a flutter, and she was suddenly accompanied by four chickadees.

They came closer, and closer, and then came her 'Snow White' moment, as the cheery little birds landed on her hand.

These little birds are among our very favourites. They stay with us year round, brightening the bird feeders and cheering up the very air as they call back and forth.  It is a great thing to be gifted by their company.

Most of us have to 'make do' with enjoying them through the window, as they feast on suet and seeds.  Betsy was so blessed to have them come to her hand!

Betsy is an acclaimed artist, and you can see her work at this link.

Chickadees -- we have always felt -- are works of art in and of themselves.  Maybe they recognized the fellow artist in their midst.

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  1. Terrific shots of the brave little birdie.

    Yesterday I watched a chickadee land on the hand of a man in the park... mind you, he had seed.