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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Snow

 Woot! Winter came back for a visit!  Yesterday we had what is best described as sporadic episodes of severe weather.

In between, 'twas just fine, thanks.

But when she snowed, she well and truly snowed!   Jacquie was here helping me with an event being hosted later in the spring by the Heritage Committee -- she's one of the geniuses (genii?)  who does the bulk of the research for the Historic Walking Tours our Committee has produced.    She showed off one of her best yoga poses, 'giving Winter the boot.'

There were a few moments when visibility became, well, in a nutshell, less than visible.

Roads were closed.

Poodles slowly vanished under the falling snow...

Brian had made a trip to town for me with the truck to pick up some items for the barn.  Thanks for that! The roads weren't stellar.

He and Taffy discussed the problems with poor traction on turns...  and reassured each other that Spring really is almost close enough to touch.

Although it is hard to concentrate on anything when you are both in the process of becoming one with the snowdrift.

The snowstorm of course didn't last long.  And the evening gave way to a sunset in pastels.

And one more thing, lest we all begin to feel that this winter is unusual, that this winter will never leave, that this winter has uniquely out-stayed its welcome... this photo is from March 20, 2013.  Last year. Right about this time.

Spring has arrived. She's just still unpacking her bags...

1 comment:

  1. Taffy seems perplexed.

    We had it too... and it seemed to come out of nowhere.

    We're certainly not going to forget this winter...