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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Noah's Larks Soar

 What a fun night was hosted at the Hillside Pioneer Church by Noah's Larks.

This is a fun group. Truly.  And they have fun together. And that fun is infectious, so the whole place has fun.  Emphasis, you will note, on fun.

After a pioneer style dinner, all in for $12, including two flavours of cake, the Larks took the microphones to entertain with some of the best of the oldies and goodies.

It was a bit of romp across the country, from the happy trails of the far west to bidding farewell to Nova Scotia, with a whole lot in between.

Including wondering, 'Johnny, where's your trousers?'   Charlie is such a great good sport, playing it up in his kilt.

He even gave a glimpse of what is worn under the garment, at least in Muskoka.  Stay calm, this entertainment was suitable for all ages.

The group encourages audience participation, and there's no shortage of clapping and singing along.

And the gents come right into the audience, to hand out a 'Daisy a Day.'

In between the sets, there was spirited action at the Silent Auction -- all for a good cause: the Church at Hillside.

Some of the fiercest bidding came for the buttertarts -- did you know, as an aside, that buttertarts are a very Canadian pastry?  The ones containing raisins drove the bidding through the roof.

There was a separate birthday cake for two of the audience, who were celebrating their own special days -- the whole place joined in the Birthday Song.

And local railroad enthusiast Paul was invited to the microphone for a tribute to the trains...   It is lovely to see such good humour and camaraderie, something which small communities are noted for, and which should be preserved and encouraged.

Napster was honoured when Vonita purchased his print at the Silent Auction. He hopes it brings her great joy, and the Church Mice some funding...

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  1. Looks like everyone had fun! And good work by Napster!