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Friday, July 11, 2014

SUP... apparently more than just Standing Up

 It all started out innocently enough, with Alli and Zack taking turns on the Stand Up Paddleboard.

But it soon evolved into a real smack-down of which one could do the harder 'trick' on the board.

 Since I could not come close to ANY of their moves, I am happy to concede defeat...

Both these kids are members of The Dance Movement, in London -- and you can certainly see the hard work they have put into learning dance moves come through as they made these stunts look effortless!

 Zack wasn't going to let Alli get all the glory...

I don't even know what these moves are called... but gosh, Zack did them so well!

It was a perfect afternoon for fooling around in the lake.

Taffy wanted to try the SUP - she has mastered the kayak and the canoe after all... but it gets a lot harder when she decided to walk under Bill!  Good thing Zack was helping to steady the ship!
Sheri is a proud mom.  We didn't see her showing off HER moves
on the board... but we're sure the kids come by their talent naturally...

 Really, Alli?  Are we supposed to be able to bend like that while floating on the lake????? Wow...

Finally  Alli simply paddled off into the middle of the bay...

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