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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Word of the Day: Snow

It has been snowing all week.  As fast as Brian and David get the driveways cleared out and the ski trails packed in, more snow arrives.

In addition to the trails, they have also been packing a track on the lake so they can get the fish huts out there!  Right now, we have lost our lovely rink, because there is so much snow that the weight of that is pushing down on the ice,
causing water to seep up from beneath and turning the surface of the ice into a soggy, slushy mess. You can't do anything with that.  Be careful if you are heading out on any of the lakes, because that slush is a nasty thing. Know where the trails are packed in (so the slush can freeze down) and know where the ice is good, too!

Absence of ice surface was nothing at all to the Baillie Clan, however. They've
been coming for their Bondi New Year get-together for 34 years. Wow!  It is a fabulous chance to get everyone together to enjoy family time.

They get everybody into the action with ball hockey -- in the parking lot next to the Lodge. A great location, close enough that they can duck back inside if anybody gets cold, or needs the bathroom or a warm drink!   The action was fast and
furious all afternoon. Nathan was doing a
great job in this net!

Taffy came with me to take pictures, and discovered (to her great glee) that they were using green tennis balls. 

Which seemed to be a little too inviting...  Luckily, they had several, so there were no interruptions in play while I retrieved the ball from the retriever.

This morning they spent up on the toboggan hill before trekking back for lunch. It makes for a full day and that is just they way they like it!

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