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Friday, January 16, 2015

World Snow Day

Who knew?  This Saturday is World Snow Day.  World What????   It is a global 'thing" --  the second phase of the FIS (International Ski Federation)   'Bring Children to the Snow' campaign.

World Snow Day looks beyond the FIS membership to the wider snow sports community. It seeks to motivate children aged from 4-14 by encouraging all stakeholders to celebrate all things snow around the world simultaneously. In short, World Snow Day is the biggest day on snow all year. And World Snow Day is not a one-off event but is planned to be staged annually for years to come.

Arrowhead Provincial Park is joining in with the Huntsville Nordic Invitational on Jan. 18th.   Nobody does Nordic racing like Arrowhead -- they have phenomenal courses, with diversity and great infrastructure (and yes, we have Groomer Envy when it comes to their equipment)

But you don't have to be racing to be out there in the snow.  Come ski our quiet trails, with levels for all abilities and great chances to see wildlife. 

Or visit Hidden Valley Highlands and check out the sport of alpine skiing! If you're staying with us, we've got 10% discount vouchers. And the Valley has brilliant ski staff who will get you and your kids going downhill fast in no time.

We are all about celebrating the snow, and bringing the children to the great outdoors. Kids of ALL ages, that would be.

One of our favourite campaigns that ran years back in Muskoka had the slogan:
THINK WINTER, HELP STAMP OUT SUMMER. Now, we don't want to go so far as to miss out on any of the brilliant seasons here in Muskoka, but we also don't want to hear people moaning about the winter either.  Yes, it can be cold. That is why warm layered clothing options were invented, funky hats, great scarves, insulated boots and thick mittens...  And once you get moving, you'll understand that winter is great (but not a standing still spectator sport!)

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  1. I like the winter, but this is the first I've heard of a Snow Day!