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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Only Place

When the temperatures spike like this, the only places to be are IN, ON or BY the lake.  There is always a lovely breeze coming in over Bondi Bay.  The sand pile and play cabin are shaded, so very popular.

And the water... well, at 78 degrees F (25 C) at the end of the dock, and much warmer right in the shallows, where else would the little ones want to be?  Or the 'big ones', come to that?

Whether its swimming out to the various rafts, with the water trampoline, iceburg, and waterslide, splashing or sitting in the shallows, just plain swimming in the quiet waters of the bay, or jumping off the dock, that lake casts a spell.

Boats are always busy -- be it the paddleboat, or SUP, kayaks, canoes or just pool noodles (do they count as boats? I suspect not) there's plenty to do  to keep cool.  Here's a little gallery of what's happening at OUR place...

We still have some vacancies during August. Shouldn't YOU be here????

to swim, or to chat, that is the question. BOTH! that is the answer!

We had a paddle by and a big wave from a kayak from next door Lumina
Resort. Always happy to share our lovely bay, we hope he paddles by again!

Arlene has NEVER missed a swim to the point, in all
the years she's been coming to stay with us.  So... man the canoes and kayaks,
and just try to keep up!

Vivi and Nora tried tubing for the first time. Big smiles, and lots of thumbs up.

Taffy LOVES the kayak. But then, what's not to love?
Alex and Victoria took out the paddleboat. We suspect that
Alex did most of the peddling...

SUPs are always popular.   Me, I shot this photo from the hammock.
Enough said...

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