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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Barn Swallows -- almost time to Go

 The 'littles' are out of the nest.  Last Friday, Mom and Dad Barn Swallow welcomed their five fledglings into the air.

There has been tremendous commotion in the stable, as these tinies figure out how to work those pesky wings.

They come to rest on the extension cord, on the gate, on the fenceline, while Mom and Dad swoop back and forth feeding and encouraging them.

They are the last of this summer's swallows.  The tree swallows have already gone South, following the insect population.   The other barn swallows, older, stronger, have also begun that dangerous migration.  

Our sky is now limited to the seven members of this wonderful little family, scribing the air, and filling the stable with their cheerful voices.   We look forward to their arrival every Spring -- the swallows are the surest sign of the change of the season.  We don't look forward to their departure. They leave our sky more silent, and that is the harbinger for the cooler weather.

So we're enjoying them while we have them.  All too soon, the stable will be silent, and these little ones will be off on a huge adventure.

Swallows are in a perilous decline, with attack on their habitat, pesticide use and climate change.  It was encouraging this summer that we had three nesting pairs here in July, and that one came back for a second nesting.  We saw seventeen new barn swallows graduate from Flight School -- we hope they live long, and prosper.  And hurry back next April...

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  1. Birds like this need all the help they can get from people- so it's good that they turned up there.