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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Last Thursday we were joined on the Island swim by a loon. She spent quite a lot of time cruising amongst the swimmers, checking the waters below in case there was a fish to be found.
Arlene just seems to attract the wild ones!

At one point, she swam right next to Arlene, in the support kayak, Close enough to touch with the paddle.  Arlene was enchanted.

This week, once again Arlene was in the support kayak. This time, a monarch butterfly came fluttering over the bow.

We had 11 swimmers tackle the 1.6 km. swim from the Island. Gavin, 12, was the youngest, and did a great job.  Mom paddled along on the SUP.

Off to the Point!
On the shorter swim, out to the Point and Back (1 km.) we had seven intrepid swimmers, including 6 year old Rachel, who made it the entire distance!   And coming just from the Point, four of our youngest guests, Clare, Ethan, Lindsay and Marty, who all deserve a huge round of applause. 500 m in open water is a serious swim when you (like Clare) are only four years old!

it's okay, Maria, says Taffy. I'll keep you warm on the way to
the Island!

the requisite group photo -- including Adam,returning to stay with us after 16 years -- but he's still got it!!!

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