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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Clamtastic -- the Medals are awarded for the Clam Race

 And the winner is...    little Noah Piccinni was the gold medalist at the Chowder Bowl, when his clam "Who Dat?" ran 7'6"

He was pretty overwhelmed to find himself on the podium.  Some of the athletes at Rio will recognize that feeling...   Grandma Arlene and big sister Elisa helped him receive the big trophy, with his name on it already, and his gold medal.  Which, we would point out, he refused to take off and wore all the next day.

So here is your gold medal winner, with his sister holding the official 'bouquet'.

The silver medal was won by "Sir Clament", Irina's entry.  With a very good distance, too, of 6'8".  The family came out to celebrate this win!

In third place was the entry of Shannon Slattery, a speedy blilingual bivalve named "Il n'est pas Palourde, il est mon frere.'   Yikes!  We had to shorten that in order to get it to fit on the medal, or Shannon wouldn't have been able to stand up under the size of it!  So, to "Pas Palourde, Mon Frere", for his run of 6'5" here's the bonze medal.  Isaac was happy to help Mom, and yes, he took the medal and wore it himself...

As an aside, we should report that 8 years back, when the German octopus was predicting the winners of the Fifa World Cup, our clam race got into the prediction game.  John McClam went head to head with Barack OClama.  OClama won in a mudslide, leaving McClam in his wake.

So this year, we are heartened to discover that Hilary Clamton dashed 6' to scoop up 5th place overall... while Donald Shrimp barely staggered fourteen INCHES...

and why that bit of hot news hasn't been all over Fox News, we don't understand...

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  1. Hopefully that bit of news reflects what'll happen in November. The thought of that tiny handed combover freak with the emotional restraint of a two year old winning the White House worries me.