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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bluebirds of Happiness

It's quite charming that bluebirds are connected to the concept of happiness and blessing.

Nancy's been lurking along the fence line,camera in hand, trying to get a shot of some of ours as they come and go from their nests. They are busy now the babies are hatched and hungry, but they are also shy. A telephoto lens comes in handy.

And how should one address a collection of bluebirds? Multiple hummingbirds come in 'charms'. It's a parliament of owls, a host of sparrows and an exultation of larks... so would not a group of bluebirds be called a 'happiness of bluebirds'?

It gets our vote.

The English language is particularly rich in naming multiples, although most of us settle for less and have lost the correct phrases. Cats, for instance, such as Napster and Achmed sharing the sofa, are most correctly referred to as a Clowder of Cats. And for our fishermen friends, Trout, on your best days, come as a Hover.


  1. Or a Blessing of Bluebirds (I like the alliteration). Can't wait to see them in feather.

  2. yes, Wendy, I like that much better... A Blessing Of Bluebirds!