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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Of Twin Fawns and Great Gifts

The fawn count is rising.

We've now got a set of twins hanging out along the property line near Farside/Blackberry cottages. Napping in the arbour at Longside. Playing on the lawn.

Neighbours down Fox Point also report twin fawns near their property, and a doe and fawn were spotted way up the Lookout trail last weekend.

We don't even want to talk about the deer romping about in the huge fields behind the resort, part of which houses our disc golf course, but we will say that there are fawns there, too...

There must be few things on the planet more elegantly beautiful than a young fawn, all legs, eyes, white spots on (fawn) coloured coats.

Forever neighbour and wonderful friend, Phyllis Hungerford, from Lumina, recently celebrated her approaching birthday.

Lumina, like ourselves, being a resort that gets a tad busy during the summer, elected to hold the party in late June instead, and what a great job Phyllis' Vicki, Tec and all the extended family and staff made of that occasion. Lumina, just half a mile down the road from us, features a great dining room, overseen by Chef Shawn, and open to the public with reservations. You should go.

But this isn't about the Party, or the great food at Lumina, or even about Phyllis' landmark birthday coming up in August. It's about one of her presents -- received while sitting by the window in her house on Tall Pines Point, between Lumina and Bondi. Phyllis was privileged to watch a doe birth her fawn. Right there, by her cottage, with her watching. We think this is the fawn that later showed up sleeping in our garden. The timing would be right, and it's close enough.

Two years ago, Phyllis got to watch another doe give birth to twins, in almost the identical location. Now, that's the kind of Birthday Present that simply cannot be matched, and carries with it such good fortune and blessing. All of which, for Phyllis, is most well deserved.

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