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Friday, June 19, 2009

No Summer Election

What a surprise -- no summer election. There are days when we wonder if there is anyone present in the House of Commons, between summer recess, Christmas break, Progrogued parliament, it all begins to sound like a good gig, doesn't it? Or are they (tongue in cheek) just too chicken to go to the polls? (we're just kidding, honest!)

Our friends at Beauview are convinced that people have held off from booking summer holidays until the decision was made about the election. So, great news for them, we still have some vacancies, and you can indeed flee the city for a week with your family, for some well deserved soul-restoration.

But if politics has been holding you back, come on up anyway -- the chickens were disappointed to hear there was no election. The Bobs have been training hard for the Race to the House.

StepHEN Harper, Jack LAYINGton, Michael EGGnatief, Tony ClemHENt, Paul FOWLerty, Leona AgluCLUCK, we (MOST RESPECTIVELY and with great good humour) have got 'em all fit and ready to run. Not to mention that 'dark horse' outsider, Osama BEEN LAYIN'

After all, if our Clam Race could so accurately predict the outcome of the American elections, why not save ourselves time and dollars and let the Bondi Bobs determine the Canadian parliament next time round???

So don't delay -- book your summer week with us, and take part in the Great Canadian Parliamentary Chicken Race. Heck, we could be more popular than Mine that Bird...

1 comment:

  1. You are so funny, Nancy! If I didn't live around here I'd stay with you!

    We are quite relieved, since our son-in-law, Jean-Luc Cooke, has been elected to run for the Green Party in Ottawa-Carleton against Poilievre. This means the kids and grandbaby can visit in August as planned! Hoorary.