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Friday, January 14, 2011

Fish Fear Them

The stove has been installed in the WallEye Fishing Consortium's new fish hut. Installed, and tested.
Trailing a cheery plume of smoke, it rapidly brought the temperature up to a toasty level, even getting approval from Napster. Of course, that was before the lads opened the fish 'portal' and dropped him out of the hut. Insulted, he walked back to the house, tail in the air. His position is that he'll wait in the house, and they can bring him the fish after it's been neatly filleted and fried.
The Bondi MaintenanceDept. is pretty proud of their creation, and with good reason. It will be towed onto the bay later this week (where there is actually a chance of catching a fish -- unlike in the driveway!)
We'll keep you posted.

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  1. Brian, Management Services, has sent us this 'technical update' ont he Fish hut 2.0:

    We are working on "Fish Hut 2.0 for 2011 complete with a "Window's upgrade", built in "anti-virus" and a "broadband fish portal" as standard equipment that is capable of handling two 20 pound fish simultaneously! Now this is cuttin edge. It has full gear driven line winders, and a celulose fibre oxidation unit (wood stove) for heat.
    It rides on a pair of finely tuned ROSIGNAL steel edge skis with a natural "rocking" suspension action that is the envy of General Motors.
    We are having a little trouble with the mounting for the Stove Pipe 1.0 and are looking at an upgrade to Stove pipe 1.4 to be installed this weekend