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Friday, January 14, 2011

Think Snow... Help Stamp Out Summer

Tim Drouin sent us the following update on the condition of the Snowmobile Trails up here in the Algonquin Snowmobile Club Domain. It's interesting, not just because it gives the status of the trails, but because it offers an insight into just how much work the Club Members do -- as volunteers for the most part -- to get and keep these trails in the beautiful condition most snowmobilers enjoy when they are here!

"We had an early start but the heavy wet snow pulled down miles of trees on the trails. These were trees that bent over from 10' to15' from the trail and froze to the trail. We had to get 3 excavators to go in to push back the brush on trail 76 and D101B. We also had a huge wash out on the Oxtongue River Rapids Rd. that required and excavator to repair. A huge thank you to Dan Boothby Enterprises, Fred Boothby Construction, Ben Anthony from Berkendale Natural Stone and Scott Hayden for their time and equipment.

Also on D101B just north of the Shelter we had a Beaver build a dam under the bridge. The bridge had to be dismantled to remove it and a new bridge built to replace it.

Since mid December we have been packing and opening trails and are in pretty good shape now. There are a few washout areas that need a bit more snow to fill in then we can change the status of the trails from "limited" to "open".

Trails 77 West from Dwight to Hillside, 78 and 79 are not open yet. Trail 77 has been packed but still needs more snow to make it worthy to open "limited". Trail 78 has been packed from Rebecca's Creek bridge north to D101B. South of Rebecca's Creek we need the swamp to freeze up before the tractor can go over it. We have packed the area with sleds and Highland Rovers will make the first pass with their lighter BR-180 groomer soon. They will also pack the swamp on trail 79 at the same time.

Trail D102B at the Deerhurst airstrip also has a Beaver dam issue. We are working with Highland Rovers to get through it.

We have switched the packer pan for the large drag on the tractor, and have been "grooming" for the last week.

Keep an eye on the MSR trail update site for up to date conditions for all of the MSR trails.

If you are out on the trails keep an eye out for the odd rough spot till we get more snow. There are also a few face slappers and could be the odd rock that got pulled up by the drag. Please stop and pick up anything you see and bend that slapper out of the way. Thanks in advance.

I will send out an update a few times a week to all of our supporting businesses, Volunteers and Club Members. If you don't want to receive these updates please let me know and I will remove you from the list. If you know of anyone else that would like this to be sent to just let me know and I will add them to the list.

Lets all do the snow dance and hope that the rain we had at New Year's was our "January Thaw".

Hope to see you at the Club Breakfast this Saturday morning at Spring Lake Resort.

Think SNOW ****** "

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