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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good Cheer, Good Friends, Good Music... can't beat that...

The fine folk who make up the congregation at the Hillside Pioneer Memorial Church understand the humour of the saying, "It's okay to pretend to be Irish at St. Patrick's, because we pretend to be good at Christmas."

Maybe so, but they are certainly "GREAT" at St. Paddy's Day!  They make  St. Patrick's Day special, with  Noah's Larks lifting up their voices in song, along with a packed room, for their annual Sing-a-Long.  This year, the theme was Goldies and Oldies, and the singers did themselves proud.   

 There is something very special about people gathered together, making their own entertainment, and the entire room joined in with voice, feet tapping, and even a little table top percussion.

There was even some high stepping dancing taking place in the kitchen! (where the ladies thought they were safely out of sight!)

You couldn't have heard a pin drop, because the full house was all singing along, but you also would have been hard pressed to find someone not enjoying themselves, not involved and attentive. The kind of house a performer dreams of! Really!

 Joined by the Silver Strings, a group from up Kearney and Emsdale way, to provide some variation, the Larks welcomed a packed house for the evening.  There were jokes strategically placed at each table, so everyone could join in the telling.  Several people went "off script" to tell jokes of their own, and the whole place rocked to laughter.

With a little fiddle music, some banjo, an assortment of guitars and a ukelele, all backed up by a keyboard, the evening rolicked along nicely, with an intermission for cake and sandwiches.

The whole room sang along as the Noah's Larks lead off the familiar, friendly songs --  A Daisy a Day; I've Got Sixpence; Dust on the Bible; The Unicorn; Ain't She Sweet... and more and more.  Dave and Charlie got right into the spirit with their rendition of A White Sports Coat, and a Pink Carnation... 

Marg, heading up the fundraising committee, even managed to fit a great little info-mercial for one of the Church fundraisers -- the sale of a streak free microfibre cloth. Let me take you along on this sales pitch, because Marg was brilliant.  For a pittance -- $4/each or 3 for $10, you get the KB Wonder Cloth.  "People tell me that they just can't stop cleaning," said Marg, "because it's just that easy with this product.  Just wet it, wring it, wipe any surface. Streak free, lint free, spot free... using only hot water, it's eco-friendly, and," she paused, "Gender friendly."  Now, being someone who's idea of house work is to sweep the room with a glance, and who hasn't done windows since she got a computer that does, I might have been a tad sceptical, but Marg spiked those guns by giving me a sample. Dash it all, she's right. This is one funky little cloth that just kind of lures you into wiping down every surface (including the cat, not recommended)  Give her a call at 705 789 5883. After all, it's time for Spring Cleaning!

These social moments are the glue and heart of a community, and it is wonderful to see so many people out taking part.  In a communication age where it is increasingly difficult to communicate, where conversation and information is exchanged in text messages and twitter updates, an evening like this reaffirms that people need people, that face to face conversation will never be improved upon by a blackberry, and that there is a timeless magic in coming together to make your own cheer.

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