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Friday, March 25, 2011

Sure Sign of Spring

The ice hut came off the bay today.  Conditions were perfect -- firm crust on the snow, good ice, bright sunshine. No better place to be than outside, so the B.M.D. (Bondi Maintenance Dept.) swung into gear.

At first, it appeared they couldn't decide if it was winter -- time for snowmobiles -- or spring -- time for wagons.  Compromise is always best.  The wagon waited on shore, however, until later in the mission when it got pressed into service drawing home a load of firewood.
Arriving on the scene, they soon had the hut hitched up. 

 A last look down the hole to see if there was perhaps just one fish still to be seen...

And an astonished check of the thermometer. No, it's not wrong. The wooden door had soaked up enough sun that it was hot to the touch.

And away they went.  The hut sliding along nicely on its Rossignol skis. David sliding along nicely clinging to the side.  Just a note: don't try this at home. Leave it to the pros of the BMD.

Once on shore, the skis came off for the summer, as did the chimney (to prevent water leaking inside) and everything was made tidy and secure.  Steps were taken to prevent The Brethren (as David refers to the mice we seem to be seeing everywhere just now) from getting inside.

The hut can spend the summer on the shore, dreaming of winter, dreaming of fish.  Brian did make the suggestion that perhaps it would be better stored on planks straddling the nearby stream, so they could fish from it all summer... but cooler heads prevailed, and the hut will wait patiently for its proper season.

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