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Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Hunting They Will Go

Hunting season is upon us.

Now, I get it.  I get that the current deer population of deer around here is abnormally high. Riding my horse, I have often seen more than twenty deer in a one hour wander.  Too many deer puts too much pressure on the woodsand that's not a good thing. Too many deer browsing out the understory results in forests that aren't as healthy as they should be.   It is not all that unusual  find a young deer, in late March, starved to death at winter's end, and that is terribly sad.  We have an active wolf pack -- deer are one of the mainstays of their diet here.  And we get that some folk really like the flavour of venison.

I have no issue with those who are hunting ethically. Those hunters have a huge respect for the environment, for the animals they hunt, and for the preservation of the wilderness.   Do not get me started on those who merely Trophy Hunt, or poachers.

Last year both Dave and Mike took the Hunter Safety course. They learned correct gun handling, hunting etiquette, the right way to be safe (and be sure everyone else is also safe) in the woods with weapons.   This fall they went for a day with Herman, one of our long time friends, for a day's hunting.  That was a learning experience as well. They spent time on the stand, watching the woods and becoming more educated in the ways of the deer.  That was excellent. Herman is an experienced hunter, so they were mentored by one of the best.

Mike was the one who spotted the big buck, following a doe along one of the runs.  Herman took the very clean shot.    Then the BMD got to learn all about what happens next, and Herman was quite relieved that he didn't have to carry this 250 pound, 9 point buck, out of the woods by himself.

And, give the lads their due, they are already looking up recipes for venison.

Meanwhile, back at the resort, there are deer snuggled down on the lawn daily, perfectly safe from hunters while they stay on the property -- and they seem to know that.

So, while on a personal level I do not hunt, I respect those who, correctly, do. And I support the education of the next generation of hunters.

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  1. I don't hunt either. I have no problem with someone who's doing it responsibly and ethically, making use of the animal's meat. I do have an issue, like you, with the sort who trophy hunts. And poachers, for that matter.