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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fog to Sun to Sunset, What a Thankful Day

It started with thick fog.

That condensed into little sparkling drops on the wings of our Brenda Wainman-Goulet sculpture of a red tail hawk, who soars across our lawn in memory of our Dad, Paul Tapley. His passion was flying.

The colours change by the minute as the sun tries to burn through the fog. Somewhere out there, beyond Anchor cottage, lies the Point we love to swim to in the summer.  And beyond that... invisible, the island.

After the sun won out, the middle part of the day was spent bedding down the last of the gardens.  This pansy was putting on a brave face going into winter.  It was almost a t-shirt day today, just lovely weather to be out and about.   There were several deer on the lawn enjoying the grass buffet and the mild weather.  Days like this are a bonus to help us finish up the outside jobs that need to be crossed off the list before the snow comes in to stay.

There are always chores to do in the barn. Achmed kept a close eye on the proceedings today.

The deer were not our only visitors. A mink had been scurrying along the beach.  So, too, raccoons who are not yet hibernating.  Over at the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, their resident Momma Bear has already tucked herself into her den for the winter. She's missing out on some glorious sunshine...

Nobody does artwork like Mother Nature. Right where the water meets the land She has created an intricate collage.

And not content with that, She painted the sky into a lovely sunset.  We are constantly left awestruck by the delicate shades and reflections that come with late autumn sunsets.  Who could resist wandering down to the water's edge to soak up this scene?

Certainly not Taffy, who herself seems to change colour to blend with the reflections in the still waters.

This is American Thanksgiving. We have guests here, refugees from the hectic pace of Black Friday.   There is no shortage of gifts in this Life for which we give thanks.

This place is definitely well up there on the List.

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  1. A beautiful selection of photos! Thanks for sharing!