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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lighting our Lives

 The trick to getting the Christmas season lights up is to get it done before the snow falls and the weather is so cold your fingers stick to the light strings.

Brian and Carol tackled the job last weekend.  We are unclear on just what role Taffy was filling, but she was most attentive.

It is hunting season -- our deer have  it figured, however.  Snuggled down for a little rest by the Play Cabin is the safest place to be.

This doe enjoyed the entertainment of Carol clambering in the branches.

Brian kept her supplied with light strands, acted as engineering and electrical support, figured out the timers and helped lift the strands with the long pike pole.  Between them, the job is done.   We'll be ready to light up the night!

This is the same tree, by the way, that Carol climbed a few years back, shaking down the apples so that the bear would stop climbing up and breaking the branches.  The plan was sound, until the mother bear and her two cubs arrived, plunked themselves down underneath the tree and waited for the apples to fall, trapping Carol, up in the branches, frantically shaking down the fruit and calling for back-up on her phone...

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  1. Poor Carol!

    Here they're starting to string up the lights around Parliament Hill. The lights will be on in early December, for about a month, and they stay in the trees until spring.