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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Call me, maybe?

When Ralph was here last winter with the Ancient Mariners Canoe Club, he spotted a bald eagle. That caused quite a buzz of excitement in the group.

The eagle has been see
n around this winter, quite often. On Christmas Day he made a command performance, circling right over the Resort, quite low, wings outstretched, giving our guests a great chance to see him.  And yes, the Ancient Mariners' have already spotted him this week.

This year, when the group arrived, two of the ladies (as they headed out hiking) said to me, "we would Love to see a wolf!"  Now that's not easy. We hear them. We see their tracks, but they are wild, and they are elusive.

So I had to laugh when they told me tonight that they had hiked up the Lookout (with Ralph!) and lo and behold, there was a big wolf trotting across the Bay towards Lumina.  It was too far away to allow for a decent photograph, so I have borrowed these with gratitude from the Algonquin Park photos.

Every now and then, when a coincidence like this happens, I begin to wonder if the local wildlife has a system in place so that our guests get these wonderful chances to see them! It is, as we sometimes joke, as if we have Wildlife On Demand... Or perhaps we just call them up?   And if so, since we haven't heard our wolf pack in a while since the autumn, Call me Maybe???

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  1. I remember waking up on occasion at my parents place late at night, hearing the howls of a pack not that far away from the place. Absolutely magical sound, and a thirll to hear.